Puzzle Pieces: Daydreamer is an improvisatory piece using graphic notation rather than staves and notes. The backing track is based around a repeated 8 bar chord sequence, with suggested notes for improvisation in each bar. The bars are represented on the music by a cloud.

This has the same approach as ‘Jazz on Toast’ – begin with the largest letter in each bar, with pupils coming up with (and possibly starting to notate) the rhythm.

An additional exercise could be for pupils to decide on different colours for each cloud chords, to help identify the changes and allow them to personalise the music


Puzzle Pieces: Daydreamer – Quick Details

Image showing the chord structure for Daydreamer


Time Signature: 4/4

Backing Track Available?: YES

Flexible Ensemble Parts Available?: NO

Introduction: 8 BARS (then plays through 4 times)


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