This is where you can download Warm-ups and Composing Projects – scroll down for the full set.

Just like the Puzzle Pieces page, this looks like a shop – it is, but that’s simply because it’s the quickest and easiest way to manage downloads and accounts. When you decide you want a piece you add it to your “basket” in the same way as you would in a web shop, but you won’t be asked for any money. Ever!

For virtually all of these, there are no configurable options, you simply select each one as a complete package. Again, just like the Puzzle Pieces if you don’t need all the component parts you only have to download the ones you need from your download area after you’ve ordered them.

Artwork for the Music Maps was created by illustrator Mark Pankhurst.

How to I get to my files?

There are two ways to access your files once you chosen what you want and placed your order (and remember, the “order” is just so that we can set up an account dashboard with your downloads in, you won’t be asked for money!)

1: Via your Account Dashboard

To access this you will need to go to “My Account” in the footer menu and enter the email you used to place your order, and the password you set. If you can’t remember it, just click the “Lost your password” link.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a menu on the left hand side with the heading “Downloads” abut halfway down it – click on that and you’re in your download area.

2: Via your Order Acknowledgement email

Once you have placed your order, you’ll get an acknowledgement email with a full list of all your downloads in it – just click on the ones you want to start downloading!