Puzzle Pieces: Pavane is one of three improvisatory pieces based around chords and using graphic notation rather than staves and notes.

This has the same approach as ‘Jazz on Toast’ and ‘Daydreamer‘- begin with the largest letter in each bar, encouraging pupils to suggest rhythms, or to even improvise a call and response.

There are also melody parts for this piece, so there is the option for more variation/flexibility in performance, mixing improvisation with the notated music. It is also possible to build up an accompaniment using the notes from the chord ‘scrolls’, with a soloist playing the melody etc.

The difference in style with this piece to the other two ‘graphic score’ pieces could also lead to discussions of different musical styles and eras. Encourage players to perform in a stylistically sympathetic manner!


Puzzle Pieces: Pavane – Quick Details

Image showing the chord structure for Pavane


Time Signature: 4/4

Backing Track Available?: YES

Flexible Ensemble Parts Available?: NO

Introduction: 2 BARS (then plays through 3 times)


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