pBuzz Parts (all Puzzle Pieces)

pBuzz Parts (all Puzzle Pieces)


Newly added: pBuzz parts for ALL of the Puzzle Pieces collection. If you have pBuzz groups you can now download PDFs with pBuzz parts to fit with all the other ensemble parts here!


If you’re already using pBuzz in your instrumental tuition, you’ll know that they are a great, inexpensive and durable doorway to get children interested in playing a brass instrument. Using a simple slide mechanism that is colour coded for easy note recognition an absolute beginner can play a recognisable tune on a pBuzz with only a few hours tuition!

A pBuzz part containing colour coded notes and numbered slide positions

Puzzle Pieces pBuzz parts come in three kinds, and you can choose just one from your download area, or try all three and see which works best!

The options are:

  1. Plain black and white notation, similar to the other parts, for children confident of their notes and slide positions
  2. Colour coded notation to match the colours on the slide of the pBuzz, for those who are getting the hang of it but need a little help to be sure
  3. Colour coded notation with slide positions, for the beginners who need some more support – this is what you can see in the picture above!


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