Music Map: Farmyard

Music Map: Farmyard


This activity is designed to allow pupils to get to know their instruments and also allow them permission to be creative with the sounds they make on/with them. The resources include:

  • 14 x ‘STICKERS’

There are two Music Maps, this one and the Train Journey. We recommend that you try this one out first, as it’s slightly simpler and only has one map!

Artwork for the Music Maps was created by illustrator Mark Pankhurst.


The Music Maps show a route for the musicians to take across the scene. There are 14 ‘stickers’ included, with examples of sounds that we might hear in a farmyard. The class decide which sights/sounds they want to include in their piece and come up with ways to represent them using their instruments and voices. These ‘stickers’ are then placed along the map, showing the journey around the farmyard. The linear journey along the route also starts to embed the concept of following musical notation.

The map image can be projected onto a plain wall/screen with the stickers then printed out and stuck to it. For a more permanent record, the map can be printed out, but at least A3 size is recommended. The process could also be done using computer and an e.g. Interactive Whiteboard*.

There is a lot of flexibility with this activity, as it can be made as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. For example, it could just be a collection of sounds that happen after each other, or there could be a sound that the whole group make to represent the tractor moving from one sticker to the next (this could even be an ostinato etc.)

*The maps are supplied as high resolution PNG files, suitable for display on any 4K whiteboard.

Preview of the Farmyard Music Map


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